Good health care should not be a luxury

We're on a mission to revolutionize women's health care.

We aspire to significantly enhance the quality of life and care of women by empowering patients and health care professionals with intelligent drug delivery and diagnostics. We are developing a unique platform in the field of smart therapies with a market launch planned in 2024 that has the potential to transform the way women are treated, monitored, and diagnosed.

Our supporters

How unique it is to be able to personally adjust the administration of medicine in the MedRing as a woman!!

Marlies Bongers, Prof. MD PhD

Professor, The Netherlands

It is refreshing to see novel initiatives such as the MedRing, which offers a potential paradigm shift for drug delivery and diagnostics. I expect its clinical applications will transform the treatment of women’s health.

Karolina Afors, MBBS BSc MRCOG

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, England

Having known Willem de Laat and Maarten Wiegerinck for more than 40 years, it is a privilege to endorse LiGalli. I did a lot of fertility work with them, and I am proud to be a small part of LiGalli in the future. It is impressive to see how far LiGalli has come from where it started!

Eveline Moret

Ultrasonographer specialized in fertility, The Netherlands

I have followed the development of LiGalli and the revolutionary vaginal ring, and I am extremely impressed with this innovation. This ring encapsulates the essence of modern technology, finding a solution that seamlessly fits into today’s society and empowers women.

Louise Hansen


The MedRing’s modern, personalized approach to women’s health has the potential to dramatically shift the health of people around the world. By letting people manage their treatment in the palm of their hand, the MedRing enables people to have more power over their health and health outcomes.

Amanda Srsic, MPH

Gender & Health Researcher, United States

Meet the leadership team

Willem de Laat MD, PhD, MBA

CEO & FOUNDER Willem is the visionary father of LiGalli and acts as CEO and CTO of the company. His responsibilities are product development, partnerships, and external communication.

Godert Vinkesteijn MSc, RC

CFO Godert is a keen businessman and professional investor. He was involved in the setup of LiGalli from the early beginnings. His expertise lies in telecom and data management but also in corporate finance.

Judith Bolle MSc

DIRECTOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Experienced business developer in pharmaceutical industry, with broad knowledge and track record in building strategical partnerships and high value partnership deals.

Victor Nickolson PhD

DIRECTOR PRE-CLINICAL & PHARMA Victor has researched many different molecules in his career and developed many new medications. He has a broad interest in the pharmaceutical market as well as in the technical aspects of medical devices and diagnostic principles.

Maarten Wiegerinck MD, PhD

DIRECTOR CLINICAL & SENSORING The creative mind of the company, Maarten has developed innovative devices and has believed in the diagnostical potential of the mucosal wall ever since he did his thesis work on the topic.

Martin Walraven MSc, Pharmacist

DIRECTOR OPERATIONS Martin is an experienced project manager. He spent his whole life working for various top 20-ranking international pharmaceutical companies, bringing innovative products from research to commercialization.

Thijs van Oorschot MSc

DIRECTOR TECHNOLOGY & IT Thijs is a MedTech entrepreneur with a background in industrial design engineering, bringing extensive experience in (medical) product development, production, and quality management.

Barry van Amsterdam MSc

DIRECTOR BUSINESS VALUATION Barry has developed an innovative new valuation model as a certified valuation manager and has implemented it in the business case of LiGalli’s lead compound.

    Why we care

    women are underrepresented

    • Women’s health has been underrepresented in medical investment, research, and innovation.
    • Medical solutions for women have not yet been fully explored because a male-first approach has been adopted.  

    We prioritize the wellbeing of women and offer personalized treatment.

    existing solutions are challenging

    • Millions of women experience problems, side effects, and intolerability related to the current treatments.
    • Women are 50-75% more likely to have adverse reaction to medications than men.  

    The vaginal wall facilitates rapid uptake of drugs and avoids the major side effects associated with swallowing a pill.

    technology is outdated

    • The lack of innovation in women’s health has led to current solutions that do not adequately support women.
    • This stagnation is leading to poorer quality of life and lower health outcomes. 

    The MedRing combines intelligent drug delivery and diagnostics to advance women’s health.


    Life is complicated.

    Your health care
    shouldn't be.

    Meet the supervisory board

    Cees van den Heijkant


    Cees is a mature and senior businessman and entrepreneur as well as professional investor. Cees successfully invests in IT/tech companies, sometimes jointly with PE funds, as well as in start-ups with disruptive character.

    Godert Vinkesteijn
    MSc, RC


    Godert is a keen businessman and professional investor. He was involved in the setup of LiGalli from the early beginnings. His expertise lies in telecom and data management but also in corporate finance.

    Carl Thys
    MSc, Pharmacist


    Carl is Managing Partner at Eagle Rock LS. Carl developed his deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry through various marketing and sales positions in leading corporations. His current consultancy business has only added more weight to his expertise.

    We partner with the best and
    most creative minds.

    Our successful and diverse partnerships have leveraged ambition, innovation, and results.

    Our endorsers

    Prof. Douwe D. Breimer


    PhD, Em Professor of Pharmacology

    Prof. Bart CJM Fauser


    MD, PhD, FRCOG, Em Professor of Reproductive Medicine

    Dr. Nel Duijvestijn


    Endocrinologist and expert in diabetes and glucose sensoring

    Prof. Jeffrey T. Jensen


    MD, MPH, Depts Obs & Gynecol and Public Health and Preventive Medicine

    Tjeerd Kalff


    Responsible for first innovative vaginal ring world wide (Nuvaring®). “That was a first generation ring, this one opens exponentially more possibilities.”

    Cees van Lede

    ✞ 2020

    “ The LiGalli MedRing 2.0 makes me smile. It is a contemporary innovation of Organon’s first worldwide vaginal ring in the past”

    Prof. Karl Malcolm


    Professor of Drug Delivery at School of Pharmacy expert in vaginal rings and animal studies

    Prof. H. van der Vaart


    Urogynecologist and expert in overactive bladder

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