LiGalli raises €7 million to finance their novel vaginal ring

The Hague, the Netherlands, Oct 10th 2019

LiGalli B.V., Dutch based MedTech/Biotech company focusing on the development of novel vaginal rings for a wide range of therapies and/or diagnostics, today announced the final closing of its third financing round.

The funds will enable LiGalli to finalize the development of the alfa-protype of its novel and unique vaginal ring, as well as start the clinical phases of its lead compound in Q2 2020. The funds include an Eur 3 mio Innovation Credit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy.

A functional demonstrator has been shown early 2019. (, video). The lead compound will allow a shorter development process due to bridging trial data. LiGalli’s trial data confirm the vagina as an ideal environment for inbound (drug delivery of several different compounds) and outbound (several diagnostics) purposes. The intellectual property is protected by 7 universal patent filings.

About the LiGalli vaginal ring

LiGalli develops a novel and unique vaginal ring. It contains a miniaturized drug container, pump, battery, antenna, electronics, and sensor(s) for example for temperature measuring. This ring allows adaptation of dose, schedule and time, remotely controlled with the patient’s own smartphone. The ring is self-insertable, self-removable and functions continuously for several weeks.

In contrast, all other vaginal rings currently in development only deliver a fixed dose, released continuously, and mainly for gynecological indications. These rings can neither be operated remotely, nor collect or communicate data.

The LiGalli ring is equipped with a temperature sensor, recording body temperature while being intravaginally in operation. So, for the first time ever, adherence to the (non-invasive) administration of the prescribed medication will be confirmed by body temperature recordings of this sensor.

Moreover, the medical doctor can accurately change the schedule and the dose based on the response of the patient to the treatment. This way, the ring allows better customization and personalization of the treatment of the patient.

The drug delivery part can function as a platform for many kinds of drug administrations for various systemic diseases. The diagnostic part of the ring opens a completely new window for capturing all kinds of physiological and therapeutic data and for analyzing objective patient treatment data. Finally, the integration of both functional parts of the ring is a realistic and promising possibility.

“LiGalli is proud to be part of efforts to revolutionize and personalize drug delivery, diagnostics and the analysis of captured health care data.” (Willem de Laat, CEO).

“It is fantastic to see that so many different parties engage and commit to improving womens health” (Frédérique Steels, CFO).



Ligalli is founded in 2014 by Willem de Laat MD, PhD, former CMO of Organon Pharmaceuticals (part of AkzoNobel) and of the Dutch Top Institute Pharma.

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