How does the MedRing as a Platform work?

Connect to the platform

Download LiGalli’s smartphone app and create your account to set up your personalized drug delivery and diagnostics.

Insert the MedRing

The MedRing regularly delivers your medication and continuously collects data while you live your life. 

Monitor diagnostics

See a graph in the app that shows the history of your biometric data. 

Manage doses

Adjust the time and amount of doses within the safety parameters programmed into the MedRing. 

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We prioritize women’s health and apply the most rigorous scientific standards to support your health across your lifetime. 

The heart of the MedRing is an electromechanical system equipped with biosensors, which ensures regulated delivery of your medication and immediate registration of your temperature in the app.

The MedRing as a Platform:
The basics

drug delivery

The vaginal mucosa has proven to be an excellent place for drug uptake and diagnostics. Unlike the gastro-intestinal tract, the vagina enables direct uptake, reducing negative side effects for many women. Drug compounds with a low bioavailability or high first-pass effect in chronic diseases are well suited for this route of drug delivery.

The device has a temperature sensor to confirm delivery of the drug, but it can also be equipped with sensors that monitor other kinds of biometric data (like glucose levels or ovulation). Research has found that the MedRing can detect various chemical compounds and hormones with a high accuracy. 

Intelligent diagnostics

Combination of drug delivery + diagnostics

The MedRing is simultaneously able to deliver medications and record biometric data using sensors, which heightens the potential of personalized treatment. 

The platform can capture drug and diagnostic data and leverage the data to provide unprecedented insights and deliver more personalized patient care. 

Supported by data

Ideally located in the vagina

The vaginal mucosa has proven to be an excellent place for drug uptake and diagnostics due to the dense vascularization. Watch the microcirculation flowing in an area of 1 mmjust below the surface of the vaginal wall.

Play Video
Play Video

The MedRing in action

We immersed a functional model of the ring in water. The video shows the release of blue droplets after the computer commands the release of a couple of doses.

The MedRing as a Platform

Connect & see your scheduled doses

Connect to the platform and view your scheduled drug releases so you are prepared to receive your medication.

Confirm drug delivery & biometric information

Receive confirmation from the app that the MedRing successfully delivered your drug and that the app registered your temperature.

Co-manage doses with your doctor

Both you and your doctor can connect to the platform. After establishing safety parameters, you can adjust the amount and frequency of your dose to best fit your schedule.

LiGalli has proven “two-way traffic” possibilities in the vagina—

inbound traffic by delivering drugs and outbound traffic by capturing data.

Peace of mind



Data security

All user data is stored anonymously. LiGalli follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the highest standard of data security in the European Union and the United States. 

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