Apr 2021
The basic MedRing patent is granted in China
Feb 2021
Stunning results LiGalli first in human study

See press release here.

Nov 2020
LiGalli receives the International Life Sciences Award

See an image of the award here. Read the interview with LiGalli's CEO here.

Sept 2020
The MedRing Alpha 1.0 is ready

The first in-human trials will start shortly.

June 2020
LiGalli raises €6 million

The LiGalli press release can be found here. The Demcon press release can be found here.

March 2020
The basic MedRing patent is granted

First in the EU, later also in the US

Feb 2020
The MedRing functional model is ready

Watch the video on the page “How it works.”

Dec 2019
The Dutch Government awards LiGalli the MIT subsidy

We look forward to working with our new partner Gimix.

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While there may be various explanations for this discrepancy, there’s a long pattern of health care providers, venture capitalists, and science…

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