Get to know the MedRing


The MedRing

A self-insertable medical device able to release small doses of medication in the vagina,
according to a personalized delivery schedule.
The device is able to monitor bio signals and collect data to improve the treatment.
  • Discrete and convenient treatment 
  • Shape and dimensions optimized for the vagina
  • Flexible materials for self-insertion and removal
  • Drug delivery
    • Pump for accurate drug administration
    • Suitable for a range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
    • High bio-availability and no  hepatic first-pass-effect
  • Operational lifetime of 4 weeks
  • Temperature measurement (for compliance)
  • Bluetooth connection


Companion App

The MedRing device is connected to the smartphone of the user via Bluetooth. This allows the user to control it with the Companion App, without removing the device.
The Companion App provides the status of the device, gives insight into the treatment progress and allows the personalization of the drug delivery schedule.
  • Switch MedRing device on/off
  • Connect to the MedRing via Bluetooth
  • Schedule time and dose of drug administration 
  • Collect treatment insights and device data
  • Control reporting to healthcare professionals
  • In-app support and use instructions
  • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • Account authentication and login


Data Platform

The cloud environment receives data from the Companion App
to backup personal settings, device configuration and treatment data. 
The data platform allows to safely share information with healthcare professionals
and analyzation of data to improve treatment.
  • Account administration
  • Authentication of users and devices
  • Secure transfer and storage of data
  • Generate reports for healthcare professionals (per request of the user)
  • Data analysis for research and development

LiGalli provides a modular platform ready for
the future of personalized healthcare

Advanced Scheduling

The flexibility in scheduling drug administration provided by the MedRing provides numerous possibilities for advanced treatment. 

  • Precise titration schedules
  • Tapering and chronotherapy
  • Quick response applications
  • Drug delivery based on bio signals (closed-loop system)

Monitoring Opportunities

The continuous monitoring opportunity of the MedRing in the vaginal environment offers unique possibilities.

  • Discrete 24/7 monitoring
  • Long-term remote monitoring
  • Treatment effectiveness feedback
  • Monitoring of diseases
  • Platform for wide variety of sensors

Digital Healthcare

The digitalization of drug administration and advanced monitoring provide unprecedented data for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

  • Medication intake compliance
  • Aggregation of healthcare data
  • Exchange of data between healthcare systems
  • Advanced insights for pharmaceutical and clinical research

"The LiGalli MedRing platform brings new possibilities and insights in treating diseases among women."


Designed for women
Optimal treatment, endorsed by data

  1. The vaginal route for drug delivery is optimal generating higher effectivity, less side effects, higher compliance and less risk of unsafe drug use.
  2. The programmed medication schedule delivers the exact right dosage at the right time for each specific user.
  3. Data are collected delivering insights in improving diagnostics and treatment.

How does the MedRing as a Platform work?

Controlled and safe drug administration and monitoring with 100 % compliance for 28 days.


Vaginal drug administration & monitoring

The MedRing is self-insertable and removable, for safe and optimal treatment.


Personalized medication

The Companion app is connected to the MedRing via Bluetooth. This enables adjusting schedules of drug doses and bio signal monitoring.


Monitor diagnostics

Collect data of bio signal monitoring and drug deliveryto gain insight in the individual treatment and response, to be shared with healthcare professionals.


Connecting the dots

Overall, the platform aggregates and analyzes drug and diagnostic data to provide women health insights.

How does it work?

The MedRing

The MedRing is a vaginal ring consisting of a battery, a drug container, a micro pump, a sensor and Bluetooth connection.  One part of the MedRing is flexible and can be folded to easily self-insert the ring into the vagina. The Medring is connected to a smartphone app for personalized settings of drug administration and monitoring.

  • Safe and personalized drug administration according to schedule.
  • Monitoring bio signals by integrated sensors.
  • MedRing lasts for up to 28 days.
  • Easy interface via Companion app.

Intelligent drug delivery and diagnostics

The Companion app

The companion app is a user-friendly app, which offers the possibility to personalize dosage and schedules. 

Within the app a diary can be kept up about the insights of the treatment. With the Companion app, the personal settings, data of compliance and diagnosis are documented.

  • Adaptable scheduling enhanced for tapering and chronotherapy.
  • Personalized, customized drug administration and bio signal monitoring.

Individualization of medication and monitoring

Data platform

All user data is stored anonymously. Reports can be made to be shared with doctors or care takers. The data gives insights in treatment efficacy and personal preferences. With these data new insights in treatment of diseases by women can be made.

LiGalli follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the highest standard of data security in the European Union and the United States. 

  • Unique real time data
  • Reliable data input
  • Combined with user experience (diary)
  • Data set for reports and studies
  • Improved treatment understanding

Compiled data to realize optimal medication and diagnoses for women

Personalized medication in practice

Individual scheduled doses

Connection to the platform to get an insight in personalised scheduled drug releases and be notified when medication is given.

  • Adaptable scheduling enhanced for tapering and chronotherapy.

Confirmed drug delivery & biometric information

Both receiving confirmation from the app that the MedRing successfully delivered scheduled drug andtemperature registration.

Co-manage disease with caretaker or lifestyle coach

Doctor’s access to the platform is granted. After establishing safety parameters together, the amount and frequency of dose can be set to best fit personal schedule.

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